We build up a paradise. No vacation resort! Paradise looks different for everyone. But the effects of a long-term vacation can be observed on the real existing long-term vacationer: in addition to the destruction of the respective space, he only feels comfortable there for a limited time and takes refuge in the next vacation resort.

Together we are building a base for digital nomads and eco-tourists. With these we learn and shape a new world. We want to document this process permanently. Our company will not be a „nonsense shop“ and no hippie commune, but an economically successful company framed with an evolutionary worldview established together to a successful pilot project.

Our paradise is built in former barracks on the Dalmatian island of Vis and the surrounding land.
We chose Vis because it is an island on the border of the EU so that we can shake and change our „box“ which we have viewed from the outside – and not throw it away to be „in the next box“, having to start at the beginning.

The ecological and climatic conditions for a continuous circular economy are good. There is an opportunity to learn traditional methods of dealing with simple means in agriculture from the remaining inhabitants, with autochthonous plants and species without intentionally or accidentally genetically modified seeds. „Pomalo“ and in „Fjaka“: even the residents of the neighboring island of Hvar, almost as far away from the Croatian mainland as Vis, tell about the islanders who live on Vis that nothing ever will change there.

In addition, Vis was closed for a long time as a military island and was only incorporated into tourism very late and therefore has not developed a structure for mass tourism. No big cruise ships come to the island and the specified population of the 90 km² island with 3445 is rather exaggerated.

Now I have to listen and read a bit, before I continue.
Thank you so far for your audience.