„Pogača“ fuer die Bienen

Winterzeit auf der Insel dalmatischen Insel Vis. Um den Bienen einen guten, gestaerkten Start in das neue Jahr zu ermoeglichen, fuhren wir ueber vereiste Strassen in Insel Innere zur ersten unserer Stationen unterhalb von Žena Glava, um sie durch Zugabe einer Mischung aus Pollen und Zucker zu staerken.

Die dortigen Bienestoecke kamen kurz vorher aus dem Norden Kroatiens, aus der Gegend von Bjelovar auf die Insel.
Dann war es Zeit die Zugabe der Leckerei fuer die kleinen Lieblinge vorzubereiten. Reich an Vitaminen und Zucker verleiht es den Voelkern Kraft die Widrigkeiten des Wetters gut zu ueberstehen.
Zurecht gemacht in gleich grossen Platten zur gleichmaesigen Verteilung in den Bienenstocken.
Bei diesen Temperaturen sind die Kleinen doch relativ traege, was mir auch ermoeglichte ohne Schutz sehr nah heran zu kommen fuer die Fotos.
Dennoch kann ein bischen des Rauches nicht schaden, um sie etwas zu beruhigen , bevor die Leckerei in den Stock kommt.
Hunderte von Bienen draengen sich dicht an dicht auf der Oberseite des geoffneten Stockes in Erwartung der leckeren Staerkung fuer die Winterzeit.
Vorsichtig werden jeweils zwei Platten der Mischung aus Pollen umd Zucker oben in die Bienestoecke gelegt.
Hier der leidenschaftliche Imker Zvonimir Koler bei der Arbeit mit seinen geliebten Bienen. Tief konzentriert „Im Tunnel“ seine kleinen Lieben umsorgend.
Nach der Bestueckung eines der Stoecke mit den energiereichen Leckereien weiter, von Stock zu Stock.
Teamwork ist angesagt bei diesen Temperaturen, dass nicht zu viel Kaelte in die Behausungen der Bienen eindringt. „Viel Rauch fuer etwas!“
Nach getaner Arbeit wird der Schnee oben entfernt und die Bienenstoecke vorsichtig mit Steinen beschwert zum Schutz vor Eindringlingen und den Kapriolen Wetters.
Gut „gekuehlt“ und gut gelaunt gings nach Komiža zur zweiten Staion des Tages, ueberhalb der Stadt gelegen, in einem Hain aus Johannesbrot Baeumen. Der befreundete Imker Slatko brauchte noch unsere Hilfe, um auch seine Bienen zu versorgen.

Nach getaner Arbeit noch ein letzter Blick hinaus aufs Meer in den Sonnenuntergang und ab zum Aufwaermen bei Tee und Wein bei Freunden in Komiža. Wurde auch Zeit, denn diese seltenen kalten Temperaturen sind auf der Insel ungewohnt. Ein schoener Abend begann.


We are only kids from kids who had parents who were in the most total war ever and at the same time were kids from parents which were in the bloodiest war ever.

We are in a world raising status to a god status.

We want to retune into nature without turning on spirit and want to drop out without leaving what we think is making us the persons we are. Mostly pressured from other people thinking they are what pressure is making them.

Why are we killing countless species, living a mess we could not bear and slide over the knifes edge day in day out?

Let’s drop out.
We develop a base for nomads. We care for healthy ecological food. We ensure that working on screen will not harm the back muscles of a whole generation. We are moving out of the crisis of meaning.

Now I have to listen and read a bit, before I continue.
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We build up a paradise. No vacation resort! Paradise looks different for everyone. But the effects of a long-term vacation can be observed on the real existing long-term vacationer: in addition to the destruction of the respective space, he only feels comfortable there for a limited time and takes refuge in the next vacation resort.

Together we are building a base for digital nomads and eco-tourists. With these we learn and shape a new world. We want to document this process permanently. Our company will not be a „nonsense shop“ and no hippie commune, but an economically successful company framed with an evolutionary worldview established together to a successful pilot project.

Our paradise is built in former barracks on the Dalmatian island of Vis and the surrounding land.
We chose Vis because it is an island on the border of the EU so that we can shake and change our „box“ which we have viewed from the outside – and not throw it away to be „in the next box“, having to start at the beginning.

The ecological and climatic conditions for a continuous circular economy are good. There is an opportunity to learn traditional methods of dealing with simple means in agriculture from the remaining inhabitants, with autochthonous plants and species without intentionally or accidentally genetically modified seeds. „Pomalo“ and in „Fjaka“: even the residents of the neighboring island of Hvar, almost as far away from the Croatian mainland as Vis, tell about the islanders who live on Vis that nothing ever will change there.

In addition, Vis was closed for a long time as a military island and was only incorporated into tourism very late and therefore has not developed a structure for mass tourism. No big cruise ships come to the island and the specified population of the 90 km² island with 3445 is rather exaggerated.

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A base for digital nomads, with a purpose economy on Vis. Animals, olive trees, vineyard, agricultural land… Three rooms for families and seven single rooms on the 1st floor. Common rooms for seminars & workshops, office studios, kitchen, dining room. Organic food in a jointly atmosphere. No IKEA furniture. Desks, shelves, and beds self-made with instructors. No dry construction. Additional tiny houses on-site.

Slow food for sailors including pre-order & delivery service. Eco-kiosk in the season. Beeswax-plates with Vis herbal fragrances. Autochthonous herbal toothpaste cream and wooden toothbrushes with goat hair bristles 🙂 Vis shower clumps made from bee propolis and travarica 🙂 Self-made painter’s scented paper from Vis…

An online store for autochthonous and organic products from the traditional circular economy on the small Adriatic island. A multilingual online comparison platform for products and their alternatives – not measured in terms of money, but in terms of their ecological footprint. Not judged by an editorial team, but by a community similar to Wikipedia or the stackoverflow platforms. Good for every karma: lots of trees, the sandy beach of Stončica Bay and crystal clear water.

Who else is imaginary now?

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Doing business with development: is that more coding?
Or more communicating?
Is communication talking?
Or meeting?
Or reading very much and writing very little, like coding?

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What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9) Well. Mankind just develops slowly: according to Ken Willbers in Frederic Laloux „Reinventing Organizations“ until now in only five stages in human history.

Crowdfunding is nothing new. Lottery has been around for hundreds of years. A very short time compared to the history of life on our planet. The history of our planet counts only a few years compared to the history of the finite universe. But the universe may also expand in phases, only to implode again and then restart with expansion, in parallel to other universes. Who knows, infinity, who am I?

A lottery is many people giving and few taking. Crowdfunding aims to ensure that there are at least some who give in the beginning in order to get something back in the future. The same applies to the system of unconditional basic income (https://www.mein-grundeinkommen.de). I like and support those constructs. Social systems have been a valuable achievement since the first of the stages mentioned above, developed further in every stage.

Money is just a medium of exchange. An agreement we all make with one another. Which the majority actual supports decreasingly, but which is still used daily and almost exclusively to communicate agreement. We still believe in money, much more than in humanity, friends or acquaintances, even very long-time ones. At the same time we distrust the way it’s achieved and piled up – 26 billionaires have more than almost 4 billion people. „Money is good, only people are bad.“ – a line of text by Ferris MC.

In addition to money, crowdfunding platforms also bundle stories. Stories of breaking out of the previous system of agreement through money collected and distributed in a wrong way. Economy and human life have been divided into opposing camps in neoliberalistic capitalism. How wrong can mankind act?

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Developers develop following wrong paths, making mistakes and doing a lot of things again. And again. That is why developing is called developing.

I am developing.

I begin to see more than I’ve seen yesterday. I get frightened about loosing this insight again. I want to write it down somewhere. I remember, I’ve written down so many things so many times. I’ll repeat writing something down, I’ll forget, that I wrote it down and where I wrote it down.

The Internet is developing me.

I wrote it down into the net. Maybe I will not be able to find my notices again, when I need it. But I started searching in the net for solutions quite a while ago. I’ll find solutions written down by others, others may find my notices.

Looks better than back in 1989, I’ve never been online with my Atari Mega ST 1 🙂

Is this all that can be done not to make too much mistakes over and over again?

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This will get a long post.
I’ll add diarytic paragraphs until I’ll be kicked out or removed.

I am not sorry about that. You must not follow. I have to write.
About not to be the one who writes.

I love my words.
I adore my thoughts.
That made me blind, deaf and dumb.

I need to become part of and grow up a community to get out of this „monkey stage“. It’s so unfair to use that three monkey image. It’s only in humans heads. Monkeys are not blind, deaf and muted.

„We“ are already some people. We will build up a local place for IT nomads and eco tourists. But that’s only one part of the network I need to be part of. I don’t want my mind to snap. At least not totally. The net is full of snapping minds as our world is itself. There is a lot of scientific work about that, nobody needs my amateurish interpretation here.

This post will be part of the story, who „we“ are, where we came from, you may see, where we’re going to and perhaps you’ll take part, locally or remote.

Now I have to listen and read a bit, before I continue.
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Basis für digitale Nomaden

Wir werden auf Vis eine physikalische Basis für digitale Nomaden errichten. Hier werden sich Öko-Touristen, IT-Nomaden, Burschen auf Wanderschaft und Visionäre einer sustainable evolutionary purpose economy treffen, ein Netzwerk bilden und sich gegenseitig helfen.

Viele Arbeiten passieren momentan im Hintergrund. Einen kleinen Einblick zur Grundlage unseres momentanen Ansatzes finden Sie hier.