This will get a long post.
I’ll add diarytic paragraphs until I’ll be kicked out or removed.

I am not sorry about that. You must not follow. I have to write.
About not to be the one who writes.

I love my words.
I adore my thoughts.
That made me blind, deaf and dumb.

I need to become part of and grow up a community to get out of this „monkey stage“. It’s so unfair to use that three monkey image. It’s only in humans heads. Monkeys are not blind, deaf and muted.

„We“ are already some people. We will build up a local place for IT nomads and eco tourists. But that’s only one part of the network I need to be part of. I don’t want my mind to snap. At least not totally. The net is full of snapping minds as our world is itself. There is a lot of scientific work about that, nobody needs my amateurish interpretation here.

This post will be part of the story, who „we“ are, where we came from, you may see, where we’re going to and perhaps you’ll take part, locally or remote.

Now I have to listen and read a bit, before I continue.
Thank you so far for your audience.