Developers develop following wrong paths, making mistakes and doing a lot of things again. And again. That is why developing is called developing.

I am developing.

I begin to see more than I’ve seen yesterday. I get frightened about loosing this insight again. I want to write it down somewhere. I remember, I’ve written down so many things so many times. I’ll repeat writing something down, I’ll forget, that I wrote it down and where I wrote it down.

The Internet is developing me.

I wrote it down into the net. Maybe I will not be able to find my notices again, when I need it. But I started searching in the net for solutions quite a while ago. I’ll find solutions written down by others, others may find my notices.

Looks better than back in 1989, I’ve never been online with my Atari Mega ST 1 🙂

Is this all that can be done not to make too much mistakes over and over again?

Now I have to listen and read a bit, before I continue.
Thank you so far for your audience.