A base for digital nomads, with a purpose economy on Vis. Animals, olive trees, vineyard, agricultural land… Three rooms for families and seven single rooms on the 1st floor. Common rooms for seminars & workshops, office studios, kitchen, dining room. Organic food in a jointly atmosphere. No IKEA furniture. Desks, shelves, and beds self-made with instructors. No dry construction. Additional tiny houses on-site.

Slow food for sailors including pre-order & delivery service. Eco-kiosk in the season. Beeswax-plates with Vis herbal fragrances. Autochthonous herbal toothpaste cream and wooden toothbrushes with goat hair bristles 🙂 Vis shower clumps made from bee propolis and travarica 🙂 Self-made painter’s scented paper from Vis…

An online store for autochthonous and organic products from the traditional circular economy on the small Adriatic island. A multilingual online comparison platform for products and their alternatives – not measured in terms of money, but in terms of their ecological footprint. Not judged by an editorial team, but by a community similar to Wikipedia or the stackoverflow platforms. Good for every karma: lots of trees, the sandy beach of Stončica Bay and crystal clear water.

Who else is imaginary now?

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