What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9) Well. Mankind just develops slowly: according to Ken Willbers in Frederic Laloux „Reinventing Organizations“ until now in only five stages in human history.

Crowdfunding is nothing new. Lottery has been around for hundreds of years. A very short time compared to the history of life on our planet. The history of our planet counts only a few years compared to the history of the finite universe. But the universe may also expand in phases, only to implode again and then restart with expansion, in parallel to other universes. Who knows, infinity, who am I?

A lottery is many people giving and few taking. Crowdfunding aims to ensure that there are at least some who give in the beginning in order to get something back in the future. The same applies to the system of unconditional basic income ( I like and support those constructs. Social systems have been a valuable achievement since the first of the stages mentioned above, developed further in every stage.

Money is just a medium of exchange. An agreement we all make with one another. Which the majority actual supports decreasingly, but which is still used daily and almost exclusively to communicate agreement. We still believe in money, much more than in humanity, friends or acquaintances, even very long-time ones. At the same time we distrust the way it’s achieved and piled up – 26 billionaires have more than almost 4 billion people. „Money is good, only people are bad.“ – a line of text by Ferris MC.

In addition to money, crowdfunding platforms also bundle stories. Stories of breaking out of the previous system of agreement through money collected and distributed in a wrong way. Economy and human life have been divided into opposing camps in neoliberalistic capitalism. How wrong can mankind act?

Now I have to listen and read a bit, before I continue.
Thank you so far for your audience.